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Fashion Tubs

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Our History

Fashion Tubs has been in business for over 12 years serving the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. We are pleased to provide you with information about us, including the materials we use, which are nontoxic as well as explain the process of the bathroom tubs and shower walls glazing. Our products have proven that EP- Acrylic coating is superior in bath tub refinishing. There are many advantages in this product which includes; fast drying, long term durability and most importantly is NON TOXIC! Although; Fashion Tubs offers 1, 2 and a three-year warranty, this product is guaranty to last A LOT longer.

Our mission is to make sure all of our customers are happy and satisfied with the quality refinishing services we offer as well as our customer service. All of our office staff are highly trained, and our technicians have Refinishing Training in our facilities to help you in any way.

Fashion Tubs focuses on providing an excellent customer experience through our professional attitude and attention to detail. We highly experienced in re-glaze, sinks, ceramic tile walls/floors, bathtubs, countertops, cabinet, repair, fiberglass shower enclosures.

Our Services

Bathtub Refinishing

With more than a decade of a custom residential and commercial building, the restoration is a cost-effective solution where no replacement is needed.

Sink Refinishing

When any commercial business, be it an apartment building, restaurant, hotel or anything else, doesn’t need anymore to replace its bathroom areas or any other part.

Residential & Commercial Services

We make it possible to restore the impossible, from the inside to the outside of a building, managing a portfolio with more than 2,000 apartment complex, 75 construction companies, and single family units.

Shower & Tub Installation

The shower and bathtub in your home are designed to provide excellent durability for years of worry-free use. Over time, however, the years of wear and tear can cause issues to arise that may require repair or replacement.

Cabinets Refinishing

We will produce a unique, bright, new look
to your kitchen or bath that not only adds
beauty to them at a fraction of the
price of replacing the cabinets but also adds
value to your home.

Tile Refinishing

Bathroom tiles and walls may get chipped, cracked and stained and become difficult to clean, with us your bathroom will be divine.

Counter top refinishing

Are your countertops old, stained, chipped, scratched and burned? Have they lost their luster? We can easily be resurfaced to make your kitchen inviting again!

Cracks and Weak Tub Floors

Does your bathtub or shower have a crack in the floor or the floor feel soft or squishy?
Poor installation, faulty design, or even average human body weight can cause the bathtub on to flex and get weaker. We can fix these problems for good.

Latest News

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Bathroom and Floor Reglaze

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Radiator After Striped and Glaze
Radiator After Striped and Glaze

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