Care instructions

Care and maintenance for refinishing surface

Always use a cutting board to avoid scratch.

Avoid bathmats with suction cups or STICKERS can be very damaging       to any Refinished surface. Ask our office for a non-slip surface.

Please do not use abrasive cleaners and follow the cleaning instructions sheet after each job.

Please do not touch, clean, splash water or shake something that creates dust near the area where the work is uncured and more if the room is exposed (tub, shower pan, sinks or shower walls) for 24 hours dry ready to touch, but the cure time is 48 hours.

Do not drop sharp or heavy objects on the surface, which may cause it to chip or scratch.

Do not use any (drain openers) even say is a non-acid formula. All chemicals must be far from the surface.

Do not clean with any cleaner, until after seven days of refinishing; this can create discoloration on the surface. After refinishing, wash with water and a soft cloth.

Do not Cosmetics, hair dyes, and perfumes could also stain or damage the finish and should take away from the surface.

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