Tub and Tile

For safety, the first thing is to inspect and must be isolated completely to protect the other environments of the work area. Also, install an exhaust fan for proper ventilation.

Next, any old caulking and silicone are removed taking special care of the corners and edges of the permanent fixture. If there is any pre-existing glaze it would be stripped off or sanded. All surfaces must be thoroughly washed and cleaned with industrial strength solution as the foundational step.

Then, any small chips, holes, cracks are repaired with body filler to make the surface smooth and even, large cracks and damages in several tiles are better to replace each piece, we use an acid to etch the surface and, tile re-grouted so that it looks even. All areas not being refinished we cover it to ensure there is no overspray, fumes and dust particles are kept to a minimum while spraying.

Once the preparation is ready correctly, we apply a two primer coat, and four coats sprayed with Acrylic. The coating will dry to touch in 24 hours and will be “cure “and ready to use in 48 hours after refinishing.

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